Life at IIM Lucknow IPMX

One Year Full Time MBA Program at IIM Lucknow

“Consulting – What is in store?” by Mr. Rohit Bansal


A guest session that was highly anticipated was one by Mr. Rohit Bansal (Vice President, EXL Services). The batch had a lot of curiosity about making a career in ‘C’ – is it the right career for you? What does it entail? What knowledge, resources and skills do you need to arm yourself with?

The ‘C’ that was the talk of the IPMX batch was ‘Consulting’.

Mr. Rohit introduced the batch to ‘blue-sky thinking’. He shared how consulting is both a science and an art. Answers from science need to be tapped and sanitised for customer needs. He talked about developing a target operating model for firms which would encompass dynamics of the organisation, market, business entities, IT, strategy – which is why consulting leads to challenging assignments. This would often lead to questioning the fundamentals, problem solving and arriving at a unique solution suiting the client.

At this stage, it was clear that a person has to don many hats as a consultant and think out of the box. But why do you need to choose a career in consulting? A career in consulting is just as rewarding as it is challenging. It gives one the opportunities to work with various clients at senior levels. It also gives the person tremendous opportunities to evolve as an individual. A consultant should be able to get the client to buy into the solution being proposed rather than what the client wants to hear. Consulting will help a person develop life skills and the ability to think differently. A consulting career also provides the opportunity to experience diverse sectors and geographies.


Mr. Bansal was kind enough to share an overview of the Consulting Industry as well.  After the session ended, the audience continued the discussion with Mr. Rohit Bansal over tea as well. The batch was very thankful to the guest for the wonderful session. Mr. Bansal gave good food for thought for the batch to ponder over.


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