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Leadership Talk Series: Mr. Ashwani Kumar, EVP, L&T – Make in India

2015-10 IPMX08 LTS Mr. Ashwani Kumar, L&T 01

IPMX Class of 2016 got an opportunity to interact with Mr. Ashwani Kumar, EVP, Head Group Executive Chairman’s Office, L&T, during an interactive session titled “Make in India” at IIM Lucknow Noida campus. Mr. Ashwani Kumar is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and Harvard Business School. He heads the L&T Group Executive Chairman’s office and looks after L&T representative offices in South Africa and China. Also, as Chief Executive – Power Development, he leads the thermal and hydro projects portfolio of L&T. He is also responsible for Corporate Affairs of the L&T Group.

To make the session interactive Mr. Kumar started the discussion asking how many of us have travelled abroad and how many have been to airport before 2005. He talked about current status of infrastructure in India and made us think why infrastructure is poor in India. 2015-10 IPMX08 LTS Mr. Ashwani Kumar, L&T 02After listening to the reasons given by few of us, he shared a thought provoking root cause that educated people do not want to go to a career involving brick and mortar work. Lack of youth and talent in Indian infrastructure is the reason of slow development. He substantiated the above thoughts by statistics showing that per capita spending of India in cement, steel and electricity is much lesser than other developing countries. Infrastructure has indeed a huge impact on shipping and emerging e-commerce industry and infrastructure industry has huge potential for budding talent of India. Mr. Kumar started talking about role of L&T in building the infrastructure of India. L&T is a professionally managed company working towards growth and development of India. He shared with us the importance of technology and innovation in building forward-looking power plants that are helping India to build larger power capacity. He discussed L&T’s contributions in defense sector of India that are no less than a sheer joy for any Indian associated with L&T.

Mr. Kumar was equally enthusiastic about discussing future of India and talented youth of India. He said that we are a lucky batch to graduate at the time India is seeing so many changes in form of “Make in India”. India is changing, the government is dreaming big and is building strong relationships with the developed countries. Rise of emerging markets and disruptive technologies will lead to many growth opportunities for the Indian youth. Smart cities and digital India campaigns will take India to new avenues of growth. He also shared with us the challenges that government and firms are facing in implementation of smart cities. The young 64 professionals of our batch were feeling proud about growth stories of India cited by such eminent personality as Mr. Kumar.
2015-10 IPMX08 LTS Mr. Ashwani Kumar, L&T 03Last but not the least in his plan for the day was a video about how L&T completed the critical Delhi Terminal 3 project in a scheduled timeframe and now we all know that Terminal 3 is one of the finest airports around the world. The short video was no less than a big operations and project management lesson for all of us. It was highly inspiring as well as insightful session for all of us. We Thank Mr. Ashwani Kumar for taking time out of his busy schedule to interact with class of IPMX 2016.


Shaveta Arya
Media Committee, IPMX08


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