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One Year Full Time MBA Program at IIM Lucknow

No Time to Lick your Wounds

In the midst of a long drive when the destination is far away from the warmth of my bed there is no point checking the clock. All I have is, keep doing the mundane job – eyes on the road. But, once I have reached home, I barely remember the vehicles that I have crossed or the turns I have taken. The only picture that imprints in my memory is the hot tea from the local stall that had soothed me down in the tiresome journey. The journey of IPMX is no different. As the enthralling journey began 2 months ago it seems like I have boarded a time machine and been travelling with speed of light. I have come across fighting space expeditions, which I could only dare to imagine in the wildest of my dreams. But, it’s not the fight that made it to my memory it’s the process and the little tea breaks.

These breaks are those which allowed me to ponder upon my wayward thoughts and gave me time to mull over the steps to structure them. Studying in a compact course like IPMX, is as real as leaving me alone in an extra-terrestrial environment with tools I have never come across in my life. Prior to my MBA the closest I came to banking is appearing for my education loan, and 2 months into this course I’m here analyzing the performance of the whole banking system of the country. As the banking system is just about to sink into me a huge knock at the back of my puny brain drags me to world of marketing where I am responsible to decide upon the future line of products that in turn decides the fate of a multi-national company. Phew, too much burden on me now and the onus doesn’t end there. There are 6 different hats I have to wear in 60 seconds. The roles of CFO and COO are having an internal argument in me to give them time and validate their arguments. Alas, there isn’t enough time. The speed of light is still coming short. The space expedition has to reach the destination.

No battle is won single-handedly and I am no Achilles. To conquer my expedition, I have 61 compatriots who are more than able to wear those 6 hats and the best part is all are fighting the same battle. The timing is perfect as there is no necessity to brief them on the war scenario, it’s the opportunity that I crave for. This is the time to make those tea breaks useful. All the wounded warriors with strategies of their own huddle together to emerge with a winning path. Had I not taken the break I would have missed upon the chance. But now the well deserving break has given me ample time to muster myself into the unknown. The only difference is, now I know which tool to use when.

As the knowledge of my artillery enhances, so does the battle get intense. I brace those fresh wounds as I maneuver deep into the timeline. I’m not alone in this rage and the hope of finding the next break pushes me forward. But, this time the wounds would be deeper and breaks would be shorter. At the end of the battle I’m sure that I might forget my sword swings, but would relish the time spent on licking my wounds.

Avinash Reddy




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