Life at IIM Lucknow IPMX

One Year Full Time MBA Program at IIM Lucknow

Hindsight – A powerful tool.

Hindsight is such a wonderful thing as it tends to provide a closure to most of our yawning concerns. If only the wisdom that one finds in this mental faculty … Continue reading

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Class of 2018

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Political Strategy a la Corporate Strategy

The past few days witnessed one of the most riveting upheavals in the Indian Politics in one of the most politically volatile states of the country, the land of Chanakya, … Continue reading

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No Time to Lick your Wounds

In the midst of a long drive when the destination is far away from the warmth of my bed there is no point checking the clock. All I have is, … Continue reading

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An ode to the journey!

Life as an MBA student   When the call came knocking, Ajar! I opened my doors, Ahead of my time, so I was, yet oblivious of the path that lay … Continue reading

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Sustainable developments in India: A source of India’s ‘soft power’ in the 21st century

In his book, Pax Indica- India and the World of the 21st century, Dr. Shashi Tharoor furnished a beautiful definition of India’s ‘soft power’. To quote Dr. Tharoor here: “a … Continue reading

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Why should HR from SMEs be more active on LinkedIn?

We all know that LinkedIn is a business oriented social network platform that provides opportunity to organizations and potential employees to interact and understand each other. With a member base … Continue reading

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The What,Why and How of the Leadership Pipeline- Mr Vasant Sanzgiri

At the fag end of the first term, we the one year MBA (IPMX) students of IIM L-Noida Campus got to interact with Mr Vasant Sanzgiri,Group HR Head, Shapoorji Pallonji … Continue reading

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Fintech:Trivial to Substantial-Mr Nishant Govil, BlackRock India

Mr Nishant Govil, Director, BlackRock India, addressed the students of IPMX (One year MBA), IIM Lucknow, at the Noida Campus on 04-June-2017 as part of the Leadership Talk Series (LTS) … Continue reading

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The week long Exam fest comes to an end!!

The duel began in good earnest on 12/06/17 on the back of a last week packed with classes and LTS sessions. Some of us wondered how to negotiate the rigors of … Continue reading

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What You Add You Take Away

What You Add, You Take Away. As you step in, you are confirmed to go out. This is the simple rule of life. Seldom does one realize this fact and … Continue reading

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The word serendipity derives its roots from a Persian fairy tale where the protagonists discover a lot of things accidentally while they were looking for something else desperately. The beauty … Continue reading

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Undertaker is around the corner

  The harder one is hit with something, more are the chances, one would be left with the impression, and that too a lasting one. On the eve of another … Continue reading

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Mr Anish De -LTS Note

Continuing the Leaderhip Talk Series (LTS) for the session 2017-2018 at Noida campus of IIM Lucknow, Mr Anish De, Partner, Infrastructure Government and Healthcare (IGH) delivered a lecture on the … Continue reading

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